A look at the effects of abortion as discussion in the mother by gwendolyn brooks

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The Introspection of the Self. In expanse you have excellent, let me jog your academic. Anne Sexton and Intellectual Poetics. Gwendolyn Brooks--The Mother I really enjoyed the poems we had to read this week, not only because they are all written by women but, they address many issues that I feel don’t get explored in poetry like abortion, parents and family, and other literature.

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The Mother Gwendolyn Brooks Research Paper. Exercise Two The Mother Gwendolyn Brooks Gwendolyn Brooks’ “The Mother” is a poem depicting the flow of heartache stemming from the regret of abortion. The speaker reflects on this emotional situation that has lived with her, haunting her thoughts even after the procedure.

As she writes in Report from Part One (), young Gwendolyn Brooks, who had just been furnished by her proud parents with her first writing desk, was told by her mother that she would soon be “the lady Paul Laurence Dunbar”; Brooks’s mother refers to the poet who was born in to ex-slaves and whose uses of African American dialect.

For these reasons, when a woman considers abortion, the question of whether the fetus should continue to develop does not stand alone; it is a question she wrestles with in the context of whether a relationship should continue to develop between herself as a potential mother and the fetus as a potential baby.

A look at the effects of abortion as discussion in the mother by gwendolyn brooks
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