Discovering the essence of christianity

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Christian Logic: Is Flower Essence Therapy a Pseudo-Healing Method?

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Discovering the Truth within falsehood

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As a former Christian, and a man who is in many ways still culturally Christian, who has many friends who are Christian, who enjoys the mythology and stories of Christianity, and as someone who cares about the success of the New Right and its allies in opposition to the liberal worldview and the evil vision it has for us, discovering and.

When we strip away what is superficial, cultural or traditional, what is the essence of genuine Christianity? What qualities and beliefs must be present in a living and life-changing faith? John's letters focus on the three most important aspects of.

Original Christianity Videos; Playlists; The journey toward discovering the plenitude of the original teachings and faith, explored through questions from seekers and.

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When we strip away what is superficial, cultural or traditional, what is the essence of true Christianity?/5(8). The essence of all the religions in the world is not the same.

There are great differences between religions around the world.

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Discovering Christianity This little space is intended to give you an insight into the many questions I've been asking about Christianity and my research to quell my thirst for answers.

Discovering the essence of christianity
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