The economic crisis of bulgaria

Bulgaria Economic Outlook

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The Bulgarian Crisis – Problems and Opportunities

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Bulgaria Economic Outlook

Production in Bulgaria. The global economic crisis hit Bulgaria in and its macroeconomic impact continued in Household income shocks have been experienced primarily through a contraction of the labour market.

The most significant impacts have been concentrated among the most vulnerable and distributed unevenly across ethnic groups. Bulgaria Economic Outlook.

September 4, The economy grew robustly in Q2 compared to the same quarter a year earlier, although at a slightly slower pace than in Q1, according to a preliminary estimate released by the Statistical Institute.

An increase in total consumption, which grew at the fastest rate in two-and-a-half years, drove growth.

Great Recession

Yet, some legacies from that early phase, the global economic crisis ofand a period of political instability in –14 undid some of those gains.

Now, in its pursuit of boosting growth and shared prosperity, Bulgaria is moving to address these issues. Impact of the Economic Crisis on the National System of Industrial Relations in Bulgaria: Policies as a Key Instrument for Recovery “The Impact of the Economic Crisis on.

Bulgaria Economic Outlook. October 30, Available data hints at another strong outturn for domestic demand in the third quarter, on the heels of a solid second-quarter performance.

Economy of Bulgaria The economic crisis of bulgaria
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