The history of the hmong people in hebei province

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Historical Timeline

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Hmong from BC – AD^. BC: Description in the Chinese Annals of Chi-You, the mythical ancestor of the Miao people in Central China, near the Yellow River or Yang Tse Miao tribe under Chiyou defeated at Zhuolu defunct prefecture on the border of today provinces of Hebei and Liaoning) by Huang Di leader of the Huaxia tribe as they struggled for supremacy of the Huang He.

Hmong American History Timeline By Kao-Ly Yang, Ph.D. Join the Free Group of Discussion Teaching Hmong Culture and Language "Wherever countries we may.

Dong-Yi people Hmong people: Dong-Yi people Native Americans ancestors

Between five and six thousand years ago, the Hmong people lived in today's Hebei province, said Professors Wu and Yang. Their leader at the time was the legendary Chiyou, and his people were known as the Jiuli tribes.

Hmm, came across something very interesting about the Dong-Yi people. Needs to be researched a little more but if this is true then this could be the connection we need to validate that the Hmong & Native Americans are ONE people and were together as one in the past before splitting apart.

We could further deduce that as a result of the mixing-up of the Hmong-Mien people and the Tungunsic people in today’s Hebei Province and on the Shandong Peninsula, we then have the phenomenon of the later people in Manchuria, Korea and Japan sharing the same archaic traditions as recorded among the ancient Nine Yi people of the 3rd.

History. The Hmong people have a recollected history (涿鹿 Zhuōlù, a defunct prefecture on the border of today provinces of Hebei and Liaoning) by the military unification of Huang Di (黃帝 Thus beginning from the Han Chinese Tang Dynasty the Miao ceased as a major non-Chinese group except in the province of Yunnan where.

The history of the hmong people in hebei province
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