The history teacher billy collins

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The History Teacher

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The History Teacher, by BILLY COLLINS

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Dominant Figure of Speech in Billy Collins' Poem

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“The History Teacher,” by Billy Collins

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Core Text Informational Articles Supplemental Non- “The History Teacher” by Billy Collins “Inside the Teenage Brain,” video by PBS.

What Figurative Language Is Shown in the Poem

Rhetoric Unit. Students will chose a text from a teacher provided list of titles. (Each teacher will choose a handful of texts from this list.). Billy Collins expresses the same uneasiness of the everyday censorship of the modern youth in his poem "The History Teacher." His method of humorous and comical wordplay intertwined with his laughable hyperboles and sarcastic tones only mask the true deep meaning of the poem and what he believes is a serious problem in our country today.

The Golden Years

The teacher in Billy Collins’s poem “The History Teacher” is an example of this. By teaching the children a fairy-tale version of history rather than the reality of it, the children fail to learn about the consequences of their actions.

Apr 26,  · The History Teacher Trying to protect his students' innocence he told them the Ice Age was really just the Chilly Age, a period of a million years when everyone had to wear Resolved.

Figurative language is the use of imaginative expressions to add strength, creativity or intrigue to literature. "Forgetfulness" is a poem by Billy Collins that describes the evolving process of forgetting things that were once important as you grow older.

The history teacher billy collins
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