The negative impact of the arab

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Advantages and Disadvantages of Globalization in The UAE

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Arab Spring: important positive and negative aspects.

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These areas include social, cultural and economical. Arab Spring: important positive and negative aspects. Posted on March 15, by Show the world what is going on.

During Arab Spring people made video and photos all the time, took memory sticks to another parts of the country to share it in Internet, to upload it on YouTube. 3 negative aspects: Social networks caused mess, disorder. The Arab Spring’s impact on the Middle East has been profound, even if in many places its final outcome might not become clear for at least a generation.

Protests that spread across the region in early started a long-term process of political and social transformation, marked in the initial stages primarily by political turbulence, economic difficulties, and even conflict. THE IMPACT OF THE NEGATIVE PERCEPTION OF ISLAM IN THE WESTERN MEDIA AND CULTURE FROM 9/11 TO THE ARAB SPRING!!

Farah Bousmaha! Submitted. ‘Arab Spring’s’ Negative Impact on the European Economy March 26, at pm by Sheeraz Raza We recently investigated the ‘Arab Spring’s’ financial impact on the economies of North Africa and the Middle East (MENA). 6 Astounding Moments When Smartphone Made Impact in the World: In this post I wanna show you the positive and negative impact of smartphones in the society of the world.

I am also sharing an infographic that I picked from Google, in this infographic you can review the smartphone effects on our society. Dubai: The Arab Social Media report, which surveyed more than 7, users from 18 countries and launched at the Arab Social Media Influencers Summit, found that social media has an impact on communication, knowledge and entertainment in the Arab World.

The negative impact of the arab
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